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Same old METS

I just watched Omar Minaya on SNY HotStove and it looks like the Mets are going to pass on Manny. The Mets are cheap. That is why the Yankees put up winners, or at least put up playoff teams. The Yankees are the Michael Corelones and the Mets are the Fredo’s. They pass up Sheffield in his prime, and of course they pass up Arod. I speak for myself as a Met fan “Same old Mets” just like the Jets. Omar said he is first going to get the pitching taking care of before he even worries about Manny. Omar, there is only a month and a half before spring training. Manny will be gone the time the Mets realize they need a bat in the line-up.  They need a bat to protect Wright, and Beltran in that line-up. Platooning Church and Murphy is not the answer. I know pitching is important, but when you got a bat like Manny out there you go and get it. Yes he is a clubhouse pain in the rear, but sign him for 2 years with an option for a 3rd.
What are the Mets going to do when they realize Delgado is washed up, Castillo hitting the around the Mendoza line and the slow starts from REyes, Wright and Beltran. I hope they are winning the game by the 8th inning to get Putz and then Krod in there because it will be along year for us Met Fans if they do not make the playoffs.
You can call me names and tell me I do not know what I talking about, but there are many Met fans who feel my pain.